Creating an Indoor Sculpture Garden with Precious Moments Figurines

By Craig Shinney

Most people marvel at the wonder of outdoor sculpture gardens, but Precious Moments collectibles and birthday figurines obviously aren't suited for the elements. Creating an indoor sculpture garden, rather, can prove a useful pastime that the extended family can enjoy. The positive side effects: learning the value of and fostering appreciation for each piece individually.

Collectible figurines, especially Precious Moments, are prestigious because of the original creativity of the craftsmanship-every detail adds beauty and value. Although an indoor sculpture garden physically requires less space than the traditional outdoor ones, the overall effect and attention to detail can be just as grand in filling a home with artistic emotion.

Life's most precious moments are emotional, and collectibles such as a well-crafted birthday figurine can capture and bring back feelings from younger days. Adults who are good caretakers of collectibles will help youths around them to preserve the mementos that encapsulate those feelings and allow them to last forever. It can be fun and fulfilling to invite a child to assist with your indoor sculpture garden, or to help one get started on creating their own.

Before getting lost in the art of designing your indoor sculpture garden, make sure to set aside the original packaging for each collectible with notes indicating the details surrounding each purchase (i.e. where and when it was bought). Including a child or young friend in this step of the process will also provide a hands-on lesson in maintaining sentimental and retail values of collectibles, many of which will later be passed on to younger generations.

But, like memories, most collectors want to fully display their items rather than keeping them hidden behind the walls of a packaging. With packages safely stored, design ideas can begin to flow freely. Having a good plan before starting to place figurines on shelves will help streamline the process and create a more theme-oriented display. Consider grouping collectibles by similarities like color or size to create an aesthetically-pleasing indoor sculpture garden.

To some, the thought of not only removing collectibles such as Precious Moments from their packaging and displaying them outwardly might be worrisome. A locked curio cabinet may be the best option in this case. With an indoor sculpture garden protected by glass doors, it can actually be easier to control lighting and pieces are generally easier to reach for dusting and rearranging.

Over time, your indoor sculpture garden may experience many design changes, but the overall treatment and storage of each piece should persist: take care to keep pieces in dry places. Just as the memory of life's precious moments can be priceless, each piece can continue to recreate those memories for generations to come if cared for and displayed properly. - 29896

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Twilight Dolls - Team Jacob Barbie Doll Or Team Edward Barbie Doll

By Freddy McCandless

If you have never heard of Twilight (the movie, not the time before night time) then you probably don't have a teenage daughter (or son) or maybe you don't keep your finger on the cultural pulse as much as you should. Twilight is the massively popular series of novels and films.Well, the Twilight buzz is bound to go up another few levels in the next couple of months with the release of the Jacob Barbie doll. You may think this is a bit over the top but hear me out.

In brief, Twilight is a love story between a teenage girl, Bella and a handsome but slightly aloof teenage boy Edward (turns out he is a vampire and 117 years old). In the first novel/film tends to be mainly about these two lead characters. Jacob had a small role in the first book/movie. He is a friend of Bella and helps her out when she first comes to Forks.

With the release of the second movie, Jacob plays a far more prominent role. The second book/movie, known as New Moon, is more concerned with Jacob. Although the love story between Bella and Edward continues to simmer, we find out much more about Jacob and much of the action revolves around the deepening relationship between Bella and Jacob. The movie was released late last year so I won't give anything away but as part of the marketing of the movie, people where asked to choose between Edward and Jacob (much like Bella has to do in the movie ?)

You where asked if you were on Team Edward or Team Jacob. Many people decided to go with Jacob. Besides this 'commitment' to the character fans were charmed by the strong performance given by the actor who plays Jacob (Taylor Lautner), which endeared even more fans to the character. Therefore since the release of New Moon, Twilightiphiles have been eager for memorabilia from the film and of characters.

Heaps of memorabilia was already there, including many twilight dolls. There were Edward and Bella barbie dolls and Edward, Bella, Jacob and Alice Cullen NECA action figures but no Jacob Barbie doll. Mattel, the makers of Barbie eventually divulged that they would be releasing a Jacob barbie doll in early March 2010.

The looks of Jacob Twilight doll appears that Mattel have been fairly accurate in the look of the character from the movie. He looks similar to Taylor Lautner, including the short dark hair, the six pack abs and the distinctive looking face. In terms of the outfit, the doll wears the cut off jeans and a pair of sneakers as seen in the film. The doll also has a tattoo on the shoulder like the character in the movie.

For passionate fans of the Twilight story, and the Jacob character in particular, this is a must have collectible item. Plenty of folks are passionate about collecting Barbie dolls. They hold their value like a good collectible item should do and fans like to surround themselves with items that remind them of their passion. With this in mind I believe the Jacob barbie doll will be immensely popular. - 29896

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Groovy Girls From Manhattan Toys

By Jesper Andersen

Groovy Girls is a new line of toys from Manhattan Toy Company. Geared towards young girls, these fashion dolls are very popular. Every little girl enjoys playing with a fashion doll. Groovy Girl dolls provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play. The dolls were designed to promote self expression. Currently, there are almost 100 dolls to choose from. Little girls will enjoy adding new Groovy Girl dolls to their collection as they are released.

With more than 100 dolls to choose from, Groovy Girls are popular with children and parents alike. They are affordable, stylish and fun. Each doll comes with its own outfit. No two dolls are the same, so choosing a new Groovy Girl can be just as exciting as playing with it!

The most popular doll sold by Manhattan Toy is the Belisima Ballerina doll. She comes ready to play, dressed in a blue tutu and a tiara. Girls also enjoy Libbi & Louie. This doll comes with her own little puppy, which little girls absolutely adore! Amelina and Lycia are two other very popular dolls sold by the company.

Not only will your little girl receive a great doll, but each one comes with a special code. The code can be activated at This site is designed for interactive play and is just one more reason kids and parents are so happy with their purchase.

The dolls do come with their own clothes, but it is also possible to purchase additional accessories. More clothes, cars, furniture and pets can be bought separately to add to the play experience.

There are also gift sets available. These sets all contain at least one new doll. The doll may come with clothes, pets or furniture. It all depends on what gift set is chosen. No matter what the choice is, little girls will adore their new toy and will be entertained for many hours.

Manhattan Toy takes great pride in the Groovy Girl dolls. Made from the finest materials, each doll will be sure to last for many years. Little girls always love playing with dolls. When accessories are added it becomes even more fun! - 29896

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So In Style Dolls A New Twist on An Old Favorite

By Abbey Dale

There is probably not a single American girl out there that does not know who Barbie is. Well, after years of the same old friends, Barbie now has some new ones to hang with. The designers over at Mattel have once again created something exciting and new, the So In Style Dolls! An amazing new trio of young fashion conscience ladies named Trichelle, Grace and Kara are the new members of the Mattel and Barbie family.

These three lovely young ladies do not only live for fashion, but they contribute to society by being smart and grounded. They act as mentors to another new trio of girls, their little sisters named Kianna, Janessa and Courtney, by encouraging them in the arts and sciences.

The S.I.S. dolls consist of the three older sisters as well as three younger ones. The older ones are all best friends and spend their days thinking of fun, fashion and friendship. Each one has her own personality, fashion sense and each has their own special skin tone. Their little sisters, much like their older siblings, each have a unique interest like math, science, drill team, and art. Each So In Style big sister plays her role in inspiring their young siblings. The dolls are leading by example in hopes to also encourage the young women of today to do the same for others.

As well as the So In Style big sister/little sister dolls, S.I.S. gives young ladies the opportunity to play with hair that uses the technologically advanced Aqua curl system. This allows the girls to straighten, curl and style the doll's hair again and again with just one little spritz of water along with the use of the styling tools.

S.I.S product line can be purchased at large shopping centers nationwide and also from at different price ranges. For instance, you can purchase the Janessa doll along with her little sister for $19.99, The So In Style Doll with Stylin' Hair from $24.99 and a package with a Little Sister for $29.99. These prices may not be conducive to all budgets.

It is a fact that the So In Style dolls are a fantastic choice compared against the established favorite, the Nordic type Barbie. The new S.I.S. products still carry some established and disturbing Barbie traits like long skinny legs and impossibly minute waists. And just because a few of them have tight curls in their locks, the others still have light brown long straight or hardly curled hair. Hair is often a troubling matter for African American girls and it is disturbing to think that any little youngster might be sad and feel that her hair does not measure up to that of the world they live in just because of a doll.

We all realize that the so called "ethnic" Barbies are really just a slightly tan version of the traditional white Barbie. Stacey McBride-Irby, the designer of S.I.S., wanted to create a much more ethnic accurate doll for young girls to play with. Her own children were the reason behind the creation of So In Style. She wanted them to have dolls that reflected what they saw in the mirror everyday. Hence, the creation of the So In Style product line. Trichelle, Grace and Kara have the same features that reflect the African American culture much more realistically than the Barbie of old. Varying skin color, fuller lips, curly hair (somewhat), a broader nose and more distinctive cheekbones are all some of the new features of the S.I.S. dolls. - 29896

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Why Rag Dolls Are the Perfect Playmate

By Claire Anara

It might be hard to believe, but not that long ago, the most popular toys were not battery powered, didn't giggle when tickled, or light up, or make laser noises. The most popular toys were home made, like the rag doll.

Rag dolls were originally made from left overs from when clothing and bedding were made. They weren't color coordinated, and rather than having long, luxurious, brush-able hair, they had a little crop of yarn, stitched X's for eyes, and a yarn smile. And they were cuddly and oh-so- huggable. The best thing about having one was that if she got torn or flat, mom could just open up a seam, add more rags for stuffing and re-stitch...she was as good as new. Now, they can be purchased, complete with rag doll clothes, but still have the benefit of being easily repairable and wonderfully unique.

A rag doll could hear all of a child's secrets at night, and during the day still have time to attend a fancy tea party in the garden. This home made play is something children of today don't really have to do. Their dolls usually come with some type of play set, with their back story already created. Just pop in new batteries, and the toy will speak, so there is no reason for a child to create a voice just for that doll. This type of imagination play is nearly becoming a lost art. Sure, most children are capable of creating their own stories with their toys, whether or not the toys are preprogrammed, but a lot of kids don't do that as much as they used to.

Something simple and classic like a rag doll opens up play universes of all types, and they last longer and be lower maintenance than their plastic counterparts. A plastic doll with a damaged hand will always have a damaged hand. A rag doll with a torn hand can just get sewn up again. They are hard to destroy. It won't be the toy that breaks Christmas afternoon, just a few scant hours after it is unwrapped.

Perhaps the best thing about a rag doll is that it is timeless. A child who loves a rag doll will have that with her forever, eventually storing it safely and lovingly for the time when she has her own baby who needs a doll to play with. Each adventure that a prepackaged molded doll can have is one that a rag doll can have as well. However, instead of a mechanical voice crying "mommy" over and over, their voice can change with her mistress' whim, and can say anything that the day's adventure calls for.

Today's technologically advanced toys are wonderful, and they have their place in every toy chest. However, the simple, imagination fueled rag dolls of yesterday will always have a place in a child's arms. - 29896

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Barbie Holiday Doll - Top Of Every Little Girls Christmas List

By Ledley Withenshaw

Every Christmas season brings out shoppers looking for that one perfect gift. One of the favorite items each and every Christmas is the Barbie holiday doll. These special dolls are cherished not only for their beauty but also their potential value in future years.

Little girls can dream they are princesses in a fairy tale with their new Barbie holiday doll. With her bewitching dresses and shimmering jewelry they will be transported to faraway places. Little girls and big girls and even grown women love dolls and Barbie dolls are a favorite of all. Many people collect dolls and Barbie's are a favorite for this, also. Since holiday Barbies are special and usually limited editions this makes them even more collectible.

The value of these dolls increase with age and some Barbie's are worth many times what was originally paid for them. They are worth even more if they are left unopened in mint condition, so it might be a good idea to invest in 2 of the Barbie holiday Doll this holiday season; one for your little princess and one to save for the future value. By the time your little girl is all grown up, her extra holiday Barbie could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The Barbie holiday doll changes each year and that alone makes them a unique gift that will be appreciated by the lucky recipient. Whether you want to buy the most current one or one from years gone by, there are many sites that sell the holiday version of the Barbie doll, you may even be lucky enough to find someone willing to part with a coveted edition from previous years. The older ones may be a little harder to find but you can find quite a few from years past if you are willing to pay a higher price.

For an entire Barbie holiday doll collection you can expect to pay quite a lot of money. Even if you were able to find a complete set, it may not be a good idea for a young child. Most children will want to open up and play with their dolls, which is the very thing that you don't want to happen in order to preserve the value of any collection.

For doll lovers the Barbie holiday doll is a must have gift. No matter whom it is for you can be sure it will be a big hit. You can be sure that your little girl won't be able to wait to show this off to all of her friends. Whether it's your daughter or another child or even an adult collector, this makes an ideal gift that will invoke fond memories of the holidays.

Along with jingle bells and mistletoe, a special part of the holiday season is the magic of the Barbie holiday doll. This is one gift that won't be tossed aside and forgotten, so if you're thinking of adding to or starting a new tradition, it's a great time to start shopping before these special dolls sell out.

Hot off the presses - makers of Barbie, the toy company Mattel have just released their official licensed Twilight Barbie dolls. At this stage they include the Edward and Bella dolls, but recent news reports suggest that a Jacob doll will be released soon. Twilight dolls are sure to be a popular choice for fans of the movies/books and doll collectors. Demand is sure to be strong so get your Edward or Bella doll today. - 29896

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Twilight Dolls - Ideal Christmas Gift Or Present For Teenagers

By Ledley Withenshaw

If you are a 5 year old kid, it's hamsters. If you are a teenager, then it's Twilight. What, you haven't heard of the Twilight series ? Some have even described it as a cultural phenomenon because of the extent that it has moved people. In short, it is a romance story about a teenage girl that falls for a vampire. And with the recent release of the 2nd movie, New Moon, various merchandise has been produced to tie in.

One such item that ties in is the Twilight Doll toys and action figures. They are bound to be a best selling toy, giving Twilight fans a chance to make their own romantic scenes with Bella and Edward. Or many people will prefer to leave them in the packaging as a collectible.

At present there are two varieties of Twilight dolls. There are the dolls made by Mattel and those made by NECA.

The Mattel dolls are the famous Barbie dolls - Yes, Twilight has been given the Barbie treatment. If there was ever any doubts that the Twilight story was a phenomenon, then being turned into an iconic Barbie doll character must be the clincher.

At present the Twilight Barbie dolls only feature Edward and Bella, but there are reports that Jacob will soon be made. Bella looks like a Barbie, with changes to the face to look more like Kirsten Stewart. And the outfit looks like one that may have been worn by Bella in the movies. The Edward doll bears a resemblance to actor Robert Pattinson who plays Edward in the movie (or rather the face does). Other than that, the doll is basically a Ken doll. The doll's clothing is similar to how the character might have dressed in the movies. These are authentic merchandise, which include a tag on the clothing and a logo on the stand from Summit Entertainment to vouch for this fact.

Looking for your own Twilight Barbie Doll ? Then check out the latest Jacob Twilight Dolls taken from the New Moon movies.

The NECA dolls are also described as action figures. They are a bit smaller than the Barbie dolls. They are also cheaper but there are more characters to choose from. This includes Jacob Black, Alice Cullen and the star struck lovers. They are a fun little toy or can be collected if that is your thing. If you get one of these action figures, you will want all of them. - 29896

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